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Real H-Town Hip-Hop. Come check it out. No diss tracks unless ya test my patience haha. Just real hip hop, check it out. -Peace
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Order: Hard Target(hooks as well), DatzEcho, Me. HOT ASS sh*** PEEP IT !!
A lotta people been showin me love lately...in-order to pay em back I'm making my upcoming mixtape a free download...and also heres a free song!! See I give back to my fans!! :P www.myspace.com/mindsetakaeternity !! Produced By: Anno Domini
no description needed.
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HE'S BACK!!!! the same cat on my soundclick that killed the runnin beat way back now rips upp a shyne beat. Produced by yours truly muthaf***az!!!
I'm not even gonna say anything...It's TOO SICK(no word of a lie). Order: Klippa J, Kontraversy, McCarthy(McCarthy does all the hooks too). A MUST MOTHERf***IN PEEP!!!
spittin real in the booth....just a little this n that...chit-chat...ya kno...1 verse each...Order: Syckwun, Myself ...peep it!!
REAL TALK!! I love the chorus on this one...buy the certified's album..don't sleep! Order: Roche, Mindset, Flawless(He also does the hooks) ...GET@US!!
This is me....the updated more thorough version. Love it or hate it...you still talkin!
rough rough rough...just seein how it would flow....eh..its not bad....prolly one of the illest beats I've ever heard....but judge for yourself!!
Chorus will be added after both verses soon. A must peep...sick track..let us know whats good on my message board!!
wisemann got me 2 jump on this...and I aint complaining...its hot as hell....different kinda flow on here...check it out
MIXTAPE CANCELLED...working on demo!!!Still a good track nevertheless...peep it! Recorded At SyckWun's(www.soundclick.com/syckwun), much thanks...feedback appreciated!
MIXTAPE CANCELLED...working on demo!!! This track was released on hide n seek volume 1...peep it www.soundclick.com/fomproductions -->'905 Rippaz'
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