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Pop Norway
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Right now the band is just me (although I'm also in another, more progressive rock-minded band) but I'm looking for musicians to play in my band and do gigs.
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Peak position #7
A remake of a song I wrote when I was 19 and recorded with a bunch of friends. I was crazy about 7/8 time signatures then. Suppose I still am.
Peak in sub-genre #46
Eerie little filmscore-like thing that does not have a name yet. Feel free to give me suggestions. :)
Peak in sub-genre #49
A creepy-pretty song that reminds me a little of Twin Peaks.
Peak in sub-genre #58
A live version of Shirayume played with my dad's band Willy Vendetta and the Soul Syndicate.
Peak position #90
An instrumental with a sort of movie score feel to it. At least that's the intention. No restraint as far as pomposity or grand emoton goes, but that's the way I like it. :D
Peak position #20
Progressive rock/metal/fusion/funk with hints of neoclassical metal? Something like that.
Peak in sub-genre #45
Hard to describe. Basically one four-chord progression and lots of different melody lines on top of it, with a very layered sound.
Peak in sub-genre #79
Played with the EQs, added some keys and spot licks. Think it sounds better now.
Peak in sub-genre #41
A disco meets balkan folk music meets progressive metal instrumental tune.
Peak in sub-genre #61
Instrumental oriental ballad
Peak in sub-genre #43
Instrumental Oriental Ballad
Peak in sub-genre #88
This is the finished version of the song.
Peak in sub-genre #69
Inspired (and kinda ripped off) on Björk's Possibly Maybe - one of my all-time fave songs.
Peak in sub-genre #53
A Vai loop I soloed over.
Peak in sub-genre #95
Just a loop made from the guitar solo part of Enigma's 'I Love You, I'll Kill You'
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