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Irish Scottish Celtic Rock Blues original Songs in a Stage show of Comedy Fun and Diversion from Life with Love Beer Drink and Spirit
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Peak position #9 4
With a bit of a sea shanty stroll, this song describes a farewell to a bad situation.
Peak position #34 3
Every place has its own certain charm, especially at Christmas.
Peak position #10 4
A reminder that we need to not take our friends for granted. 'That song will go down as one of the all time great Irish songs.' Wil Millar (formerly of the Irish Rovers)
#28 (Sub-genre) 5
Traditional Russian song about a Russian road-house. (see our video)
#22 (Sub-genre) 2
A randy joke about and randy young man with a libido problem
Peak position #49 2
A song of seduction and consequence.
Peak position #62 4
Tale of the difference between boys and girls, taken from an old joke.
Peak position #13 3
A humerously clever imbibe involving a stolen kiss and a bit of Irish justice.
Peak position #17 3
A Scottish song of unrequited love. This is a pre-mixed sample soon to be released on our next CD.
Peak position #28 4 2
A humorous traditional Irish song based on an older ballad, 'Our Goodman' (Child Ballad #274), sometimes called '4 Nights Drunk'. Usually only 5 of the 7 nights are sung because of the randy nature of the final 2 (you'll hear what we mean).
#11 (Sub-genre) 3
A medley of two songs. Birnie Bouzle sung in Scottish with When will we be Married Molly
Peak position #23 1
An Irishman looking for work in America. (see our video)
Peak position #10 1
Robert Burns' New Year Obligatory. Performed with pipes and in Scottish Dialect.
Peak position #31 1
Irish Folk/Alternative: America is a strange place, and that suits us just fine!
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