Savage Pro'z Ent.
Instrumentals Castroville, CA  USA
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Savage Pro'z Ent.
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831 Monterey County Bay Area Music Plus Got Da Beats Holla At Me Northern Cali Legit Status
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(Intro Ceelow) T-Rock, Young Savi, Frogger, C-Buggs, Lowky, Mystere, Paco Locz
Young Savi, Lowky, Paco Locz, Frogger, Chinzo Smokes
Peak in sub-genre #87
Its The Ville Remix YadadaMean Couldnt Leave Em Wit Da 1st One Had 2 Come Back N Bring Some Moe Slap Bout My Town Ya Mean Learn Da Politicz b4 U Speak Onda Big C Mayneee
Peak in sub-genre #91
Thizz Da N-Tro 2 Da Savulation Track 1 Cop Dizz Cd
We Redid It Onda Studio Condensor Yada Cuz im 4rm Da Vi.DoubleL.E CAStroville 831 Yeeeee Nicky-C Paco Locz N Jon Gotti Puttin It Down INa Major Way Villianz Anthem 4 da 06
Me Nda Homie Savageino Droppin a Track Itza Heater N To Dem Fake A$$ Biches That Stole This Beat U could never top this song yadadamean its nuthaaa step ya game up
Peak in sub-genre #51
Finally It Has Been Done Us Nda Cuddie Young Blunted Been Plannin 2 Do Somefa 4 A Minute N NOw We Got It Done Str8t Turf SLump YaMean 4rm The 209 To Da 83Muthafuccen1 Yeeee This Is How We Do
Peak in sub-genre #26
06 Remix Oda We Stay high Yadada $hitsa Heater 1st Nicky-C, Germz2nd , N Third Iz Da Homie Mic Ya Mean Peep Game Holla at Me
Mixed It Down N Mastered It a Lil More Sounds Cleaner Peep It Defenite Heater Paco Loco Young $avie Da $kitzo(Nicky-C) N Lil Chris Puttin It Down ina Major Way Mayne Its Nuthaaa
Rica Locz N Nicky-C Puttin It Down 4 The Town Cuz We Dem Savage Pro'z Stay Yokin Inda Central Coast YadadaBoiiii
This Seperates Real Homiez N Fakenz Ya Mean Treal $hit Young $avie Nda Homie Frogger Loco 4rm Northern Land Records/Savage Productionz Doin It 4rm $alas 2 C4$Tro the Haterz N fake Homies
THizz Be A Real Deep Subject Ya Mean We Got Mic N Germz Spittin Somefa At The End 4 Yall Bout Da Ville Buidnezz Peep It yEee
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