Stan Loh
Pop Burnaby, Canada
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Stan loves music, is published (EMI/Capitol), and has experience performing on radio and TV when it was live in the good old days. These days he's just writing
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There is a file in the website called The Moth which talks about this story. I was so enthralled with it that I wrote this song. Her name is Aryna Rose
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Haven't had time to load songs for a long time. Hope you like this one that I just wrote.
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Song about someone wanting to get back together again after a break-up, but one party is unwilling.
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Just another song about lost love, and then suddenly re-meeting love, and not know what to do!
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Song about parents giving too much love, they spoil the kid, and in the end the kid can't survive in the real world.
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A song about those close to you who are depressed and will not listen to the truth, and when they finally see it, get more depressed! And you get blamed for telling the truth!
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This is my first production with Garage Band on my Macbook
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Vocal: Steven Hales (UK) Music and Arrangement: Kenneth Lavrsen (Denmark) Music, Lyrics: Stan Loh
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Sad Christmas song that many can relate to.
Kenneth Lavrsen sent me a wonderful backing of a Danish song written by Sebastian called Varvise. He wanted me to write the English lyric for it. So here it is. His sister Djinnie sang it as a surprise for her hubby.
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If the sound is not up to spec it's because I've lost my sound system, and the vocals were sung into my Macbook built in mic. My pal Kavye Lee did the backing.
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Crooks who are rulers of countries are the scum of this earth!
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A song dedicated to the heroes of wars on Remembrance Day
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