Tim Perry
Acoustic Belmont, MI  USA timperrycreative.com
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tim perry
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Peak in sub-genre #22
This song came out of a backpacking trip I took with my son to Lake Superior Provincial Park. Basement demo.
Peak in sub-genre #37 1
I wrote this for my oldest daughter who just graduated from high school. It is at once both a father's wish and lament. Starts off slow, but rocks out at the end.
Peak in sub-genre #59 1
If you love, and are loved...at the end of the day, what else is there?
A young gal I work with decided to give up life as she knew it (at least for 2 years) and join the Peace Corp. Headed to Paraguay. I felt this was a very noble, giving and selfless decision and wrote this song as a going-away gift. A simple, gentl
Peak in sub-genre #67
I'm stronger with her near me, than when I walk alone. A 'greater than the sum of my parts' kind of message.....
Peak in sub-genre #59
My good friend and fellow songriter Steve Ford was recently diagnosed with liver failure and can't get a transplant. Docs give him 1 to 2 years. Sucks beyond words. He's only 53. I wrote and performed this one for a fundraiser held on his behalf.
Peak in sub-genre #49
My daughter was born with spina bifida and can't walk on her own without assistance. I often have a recurring dream in which she can run and play like everyone else. When I wake, I'm ecstatic, but quickly come down to Earth when reality sets in.
Peak in sub-genre #93
My young son is a bit of an artist...scary-good, actually. And he'd rather spend his time sketching that just about anything else. His drawing are a window into his mind...and a connection to me. This is his song.
A song of hope for a young girl who conquers the difficulties of life with an unflagging smile for the ages.
Peak in sub-genre #77
This is an anthem of sorts for fathers as they try to prepare their children for the future. Uplifting and hopeful.
Discovering love, discovering life.
I've heard it said that raising kids is much like being pecked to death by chickens. :-) Thankfully, I don't feel that way very often, but it's a fair enough question to ask "Why do we do it?" It’s pretty simple. We do it for love.
Ahhhh...the joys of raising a daughter! When the boys come knocking is when it gets sticky...especially when the young lady in question is particularly fetching. Time to circle the wagons!
The story of a young guy from rural Oklahoma who longs for something better, until he gets it.
A collab with Jeff Oxford. This one's about a gal who doesn't need longterm committment...and a guy who's just fine with that. An ode to shallow, meaningless relationships!
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