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David Pendragon
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Harmonic acoustic folk rock, songs with some thing to say and multi instrumental backings!
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Acoustic instruments...guitar, violin and vocal...a little touch of the ocean from a field recording.....nothing else
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This is a revived piece recorded in The Studio over a 7 year period from 1998 to 2005. It has sat on the shelf since then and I found it today and finalised the master. It is a huge work with some great players contributing.
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This is a pre mixed version of Shane Howard's awesome song from the 80's Solid Rock. This song was a bridge between cultures in Australia at the time and is a huge part of Australian cultural history.
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Classic Rock...everyone must know this song
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This is an all time favorite song for me. I have to thank the fantastic talents of Mark and Barry Easton of Avalanche and The Eastern Bros Band. Mark , you floor me dude, beautiful playing of all the stringed instruments. Barry, wow mate solid solid
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A song I have sung all through my musical career. This is just for the record. Dedicated to my good friends in the band Avalanche. Never to old, only too lazy :-)
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The Australian Theme used by radio and TV for Halleys Comet !985/86
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A Cat Stevens song from the 70's. I originally recorded and sang this song for the Tribe album 'The Message Stick" released a few years ago.
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An idea for a song that has sat on my hard drive for a while. Seems relevant to today's happenings. There is an expletive in this one...it just was the only word that fit at the time of writing. If that offends please pass this one by.
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This is a remastered version of one of my 2005 songs from the album The Message Stick. Written by Tribe World Ensemble member and my good friend Jukka Malmberg. The song is one of my favourites.
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This is a cover of a song that had a huge impact on my younger years. I have sung this so many times in folk clubs and coffee houses in the 70's that I just had to make a recording of my version.
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A REMIX OF A VERY OLD VERSION OF MY SINGLE DRUM SONG. This was originally recorded and mixed in 1999 and features my good friend of the Ngunnawal people Warren Gunther. This also features Bill Hall pounding out the bass line.
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This is a more band oriented version of Don't Fear the Reaper that great Blue Oyster Cult classic. I did another version with Mooch Music. Here is TRIBE World Ensemble doing a studio version
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A song about a concept. The concept being very idealistic. If everyone put down thier guns there would be no war. One day idealisam can become reality... Remember 'I have a dream........'
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This is one of my favourite all time songs and I have wanted to do cover of it for many years. The lyric, sadly, is still very relevant to today's world. Buffalo Springfield .....For What Its Worth
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