violencia violeta
Alternative caldas da rainha, Portugal
Thank you!
Punk rock riot DIY alternative indie noise anarcho pop from portugal. we want to help destroy musical business, not feeding the Mob!
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about being forced to be part of a film you dont want to be in...
Peak position #34
anti fascist song from v.v.
Peak in sub-genre #9
a song about the new world order, and the means of world domination and control by 'pacification'
Peak in sub-genre #16
premix of song
Peak in sub-genre #22
premix of song
Peak in sub-genre #16
this is a premix version of the final song... it's about being sick with everysh*** around us...
Peak in sub-genre #27
song against posers and kings of the pseudo punk/hardcore scene
a song about hate as a positive energy for destruction of repression, and for the construction of a new and alternative lifestyle!
Peak in sub-genre #29
a song about being f***ed from everyside by the boss and who controls the business and work!
We're living in a mass production for a mass consume ... but is it really necessary or your just consume happilly in a mass production of shit?
Peak in sub-genre #18
Life is a decadent cadency of frustrations... your work... your ambitions... what you stand for... everything is so boring in this sadomaso world
if a life is just a life and it's just one... don't just wait... live it full!
Peak in sub-genre #23
I'm gonna eat frankenstein's balls(from the portuguese TOMATES)... it's a song about transgenic food...
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