Paul McClelland
Pop Macon, GA  USA
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Paul McClelland
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Paul McClelland, writer of some notes, musician of age..or is that 'writer of note, and musician for the ages...?'..In any event, music for you to listen to...p
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Paul's ode to west coast surfing in the 21st century.
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Short and sweet. My take on the 'Love You' album cut. (remember albums? side 1, cut 1)
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original song, about the best drink around.
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The last entry in my Brian Wilson 'cover song' phase. A little one from 15 Big Ones in the 70's. All recorded in the back room next to the washer-dryer. :)
Peak in sub-genre #4
a lesser known definitive song of summer...Enjoy! (Susan Griffin helped me hit the high notes)
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Backing track:Barry David Thomson--Lead vocals:Susan Griffin--Embellishments and final production:Me
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