The rhyme of the Ancient Mariner
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ancient mariner
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Peak in sub-genre #33
An extraordinarily rough take of Santana's persuasion. Not only do I not know the song, but I've been playing acoustic for the last 7 weeks. Lets play 'spot the classic Santana lick'.
GFS Neovin loaded strat through a processor.
GFS Neovin-loaded strat through Jekyll and hyde overdrive. It sounds less fuzzy live.
GFS Neovin loaded strat straight to Tube30 amp
Peak in sub-genre #28
GFS Neovin loaded strat straight to amp
GFS Neovins in a Strat straight to amp.
Peak position #29
Demo of the GFS Neovin 'fat vintage' strat pickups
Peak in sub-genre #17
Harmony central backing track 16 251
AX10A acoustic modeller, guild dreadnought model.
AX10A acoustic modeler, nylon strung model
AX10A acoustic modeler Martin dreadnought model.
Demo of the AX10A acoustic modeler. Steel strung model
Peak position #23
A little funky, a little twangy.
Soundclip for Metisse Amps Purity - vol 8 O'clock, strat mid PU, gentle picking
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