The Prophet of Mephisto
Electronic Newfield, NY  USA
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Bradley Burr - saxophonist, remixer, video game composer
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Peak in sub-genre #5 1
This is an arrangement of the award-winning Civilization 4 opening track 'Baba Yetu', by Christopher Tin. My friend Geoffrey Taucer (Jeremy Waters, same guy who did Canvas of Dreams with me) did the whistles, vocals, acoustic guitar parts, and the pi
Peak in sub-genre #21 1
This song, like Mirror Image, is from the 'Summoning of Spirits' project on OCR. This was based on a song of the same name off of the OST, and features my singing voice! A first on Soundclick. I hope you enjoy this, since it's one of my favorites tha
Peak position #80 3
This is a song my friend Zach Marzec and I recorded on a whim a while back. He's the pianist, and I'm the saxophonist. It's based on the 'Traverse Town' theme from Kingdom Hearts.
Peak in sub-genre #44
This is a track I did about a year ago as part of a failed project on OCR. It's based on the track 'Magic Fluter' from Tetrisphere, the excellent 3D block breaker on the N64.
Peak in sub-genre #23 1
This is the lead track off of OCR's remix album of the same title, dedicated to the game Radical Dreamers (the predecessor to Chrono Cross). The arrangement and drum sequencing was done by Doug Perry (drumultima), the acoustic guitars were done by Ge
Peak in sub-genre #45 2
This is all me! I recorded this version of Gas House Gang's excellent arrangement over a year ago, and I figure that it's about time that I put it online. I hope you enjoy it!
Peak in sub-genre #38
This track is based on the song 'Learn' from the Tetrisphere OST, and is yet another song from that project. It's pretty minimalist, and I think it's got some of my better background work.
Peak in sub-genre #6 2
This is a song I did for the Link's Awakening project on OCRemix. Classical piece - uses piano, strings, harp, and me on sax.
Peak in sub-genre #51 1
This song was a part of OCR's recent 'Summoning of Spirits' project, based on the music of Tales of Phantasia and Tales of Symphonia. This track is a remix of the 'Mysterious Ja'p'on' theme from the game, and features the venerable Fishy (Cain McCorm
Peak in sub-genre #14
This is an arrangement of the Zanarkand theme from FFX.
Peak in sub-genre #19
Arrangement of the Viridian city theme from Pokemon Blue. I did this song for the PKMN project at Smooth jazz, with some really funky synths, good beats, and some cool rhodes and car noises, too.
Peak in sub-genre #52 1
This was composed for the 4th Conceptual Music Competition, on OCRemix. The theme was 'The Beginning'.
Peak in sub-genre #35 1
This is another track from the failed Tetrisphere project that I was running. I wrote the entire mix using various forms of one synthesizer: Rob Papen's excellent Blue v1.01. It's based on the song 'Prophetic Title' from the Tetrisphere OST.
Peak in sub-genre #34 1
This is a jazz/rock version of Team Kenya's theme from Super Dodge Ball.
Peak in sub-genre #25 1
This is a saxophone quintet, performing an arrangement of the Main Theme from FF7. I wrote this and recorded it over a period of 17 hours (straight) for the FF7 Competition on OCR.
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