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Not Mine...Dec.28
A very rock and Scott Stortch inspired beat, I could have done better, simple, drums, a few bongos, not to heavy...I'm statin my guitar lessons real soon!
My first down south beat. It's pretty hot. A swiss like JayZ sample goin. It was just an experiment. Don't look at me as a bitter, as you can tell my style is my style, and this is nt. HOLLA.Free Whitney(Houston)
International Man of Mystery...none other than 007, I got two verions, one w/ and one w/o congas&Bongos, both a dre type sample of oo7 theme, w/ his signature, now my piano.
This beat is my diliema,shoudl I keep it or let it go, so I named it after my real like diliema....Jazz congas, stand up bass, e piano, and acoustic guitar, real hot, R&B or rap, a Mos Def/Talib Kweli type joint.
Go-Go for you, It's like One Thing, but like Get Right, I should have took more time, I made this in 15, I couldve done better drums, but this is wut I got, It's Hot anyways...Music Please, and another, Don't let me see another song with this title.
Like a New Orleans jazz band, funeral music...Death to those, doubters, haters, and straight punks, if you fit tha list, RIP bastard!
A smooth, organ and BELLS! beat I did, a dedicatiom track...real hot, well in my opinion!
A slow, go-go jazz type beat, slow, something different
Tha beat is sayin Whisper in My Ear, a lil blusey, old-school sounding track, something slow for yall...
Perfect Retro beat..No samples, I put this together, I'm improvin Hoff! As I was sayin, lets take it back to tha 70's-60's with this, tell that h** how you really feel..
A I Try, Dreams type joint, for those saps out there! My Rhode Organs on point
Some more grown adn Sexy Music for ya!...This time around I thought I'd show a more sensitive side, I got tha idea from the late, great, get at me!
A rock meets crunk meets SheNice, a perfect combo...
I'll be there..true statement, no matter how much I hate you, one phone call away!
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