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David Bazo is mainly an instrumentalist but writes vocals songs as well. The genres he approaches are diverse in style and texture; from New Age or Film Mu
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Moments that last forever / Momentos que quedan para siempre.
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A song with a mediaval celtic feel, recorded using exclusively guitar and recorder / Una cancion con sonido muy celta medieval, grabada usando unicamente guitarra y flauta de pico.
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Chamber Instumental Song inspired by Venice, Italy. / Cancion instrumental inspirada en Venecia, Italia.
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The Journey Begins... (The Time Machine Part III Promo Teaser) Brief promo extract from the Part Three of the same full 18 minutes length title song, available on the "Time Traveller" CD by David Bazo.
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Time & Space (Time Traveller Part II) promo extract from Part Two of the same full 9 minutes length title song, available on the "Time Traveller" CD by David Bazo.
Brief promo teaser of the same full 5 minutes length title song, featuring members of EnArmonial Choir ensemeble, available on the "Time Traveller" CD by David Bazo.
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"The branch leaves are falling, and I try to take you out, out of my bloodstream... And every second feels like a rattle, seems like a battle, one with no mercy and questions unsolved..." A new ballad by David Bazo featuring Monika MNK on lead vocal
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There are no paths to follow when you are lost.... No hay senderos que recorrer cuando te encuentras perdido...
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Musica concebida para la obra de teatro infantil "El Pirata Malapata" de Ana Maria Mata. Homenaje musical a la historias de piratas que han alimentado nuestra imaginacion como el clasico de Stevenson "La isla del Tesoro"
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"Quiero verte en mi reflejo/y completar cada caricia que das/colmar cada necesidad/pertenecerte por igual/ hacer tus suenos realidad/sentirme viv@ y vivirte/ tenerte y no compartirte" A song by David Bazo featuring Merche Trujillo on lead vocals
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Want to hear how Enochian Lenguaje sounds like? "The one who lost everythig, still has God aside"- Arthur Schopenhauer -"No hay silencio que DIOS no entienda, ni tristezas de las que no sepa. No hay amor que ignore, ni lagrimas que no valore".
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Original written tune, focused in the british tale of the lady of Shalott, driven by the portrait made by J. W. Waterhouse. Melodia originalmente escrita, basada en el mito ingles de la Dama de Shalott e inspirada en la obra de J. W. Waterhouse.
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What will you find in this travel? Make a break and visit the path that leads to the Oracle ... be careful with the crystal trees! Que te deparara este Viaje? Haz un alto y sigue el camino que conduce al Oraculo... con su arboleda de cristal!
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The story of young king, who was forced to runaway dressed like a beggar to save his life, because of a complot run by the evil landlords to take him away and take over his magical kingdom...See the lyrics. Featuring Carmen P. Sinovas on lead vocals.
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A message in a bottle through oceans of time... Un mensaje en una botella a traves de oceanos de tiempo...
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