Herbies Instrumentals (US)
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Steel Guitar
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Inspirational Morning Walk In The Garden
Peak in sub-genre #36 3
Trying to play like we did 50 years ago in the Sat.Night Dance Halls. On The WestCoast
Peak in sub-genre #59
My Dad, A Fiddler,used to play this Instrumental 0ver 70 years ago,Then Named. Nelly Grey two Step My all Time Favorite Fiddle Tune
Peak in sub-genre #89
Jaming,Sound-On-Sound Just goofing around with Steel Guitar,& Fiddle, and Keyboard
Peak in sub-genre #88 1
A white Rose grows where ever tear fell on The Trail Of Tears, The Cherokee Rose
Peak in sub-genre #90 1
While picking on the Steel Guitar, I noticed I was just Day Dreaming, and making this Tune up
Peak in sub-genre #63
Pickin Steel Guitar 1960's/70's Honky Tonk Style learnt pickin with the West Coast Gang
Peak in sub-genre #78
Just a Ride on the Steel Guitar, Tune made up of Steel licks used at gigs
Peak in sub-genre #93
Just a Jam Instrumental Like we picked around the Bay Area At Alviso, Near San Jose California
Old Country Fiddle Barn Dance Tune From The Scottish Settlers, Soldiers Wrote Many Lyrics To This Tune in the 1800's
Boogie Dance Instrumental, late 1940's
From our FM Radio Show, Airing The Old Classics
Peak in sub-genre #82 1
Picking The Dobro, A River Delta Blues.Type Tune, Played on the Mississippi River Delta, At Helena, Arkansas, Back in Cotton Pickin Days
Old blues song, requested at ever gig I played Learned from my Dad 65 years ago
Peak in sub-genre #61
E 9'th Steel Guitar Tuning, Just goofing around,with Old School Dance Music,
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