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The One Winged Angel
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A purely original twist on the classics: Trance and Drum n' Bass
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Peak in sub-genre #12
A remix of one of my older Trance songs: 'Blessed Trance.' This one isn't Happy Hardcore-ish like the original, it's more Trance, but it still sounds great. Used lots of NES-sounding synths and beeps- hence the mix's name.
Peak in sub-genre #25
A long, progressive Trance track with good sounding synth/basslines and pretty smooth sounding builds topped off with a few new things I haven't really tried before.
An awesome Trance track that derives its name from its likeness to Nintendo-sounding music. Breaking five minutes, the song itself does justice with awesome synths and basslines and smooth builds.
Peak in sub-genre #26 1
A dark, fast-paced Trance track with cool effects on the choir, awesome static sounds with radio fuzz and what not. Good overall effect mixed with the classic Trance drums and the breakbeat near the middle. Can we say: Wicked?
Peak in sub-genre #90
Something a little different this time- a remix of a song that uses my Trance-sound, along with some of my beatboxing! Back to the point- this is a remix of the Chocobo Theme from pretty much every Final Fantasy game! Wark!
Another long, progressive Trance song with a wonderful set of synths and what not topped off with superb drums and builds.
Peak in sub-genre #32 2
Long, fast-paced, evil Drum N' Bass mixed with a lot of orchestra and choir-type pieces. Loud pads and drums with a solid bassline that brings it all together.
A fairly long song that uses similar instruments heard in 'Bamboo.' Awesome, long, long build, loud drums with some cool effects to it and a good bassline. Reminds me a little of rain. Hence the name.
Peak in sub-genre #24
Couldn't help but feel my original remix didn't do justice to the original song. And so, this track was released. Definately an improvement! Lots and lots of pads with some uber broken beats and some cool strings and synths.
Peak position #70
A clever mixture of creepy, beautiful, and progressive. This song is rather hard to describe in terms of the overall sound of it... So you'll have to do the math yourself! This one's for Alethea: "Mango!"
Peak in sub-genre #81
I always fancied the tune from my original mix of 'The 1337 Song', and wondered what it would sound like as DNB. My questions (and perhaps yours) are answered in this wonderful mix.
Peak in sub-genre #65
Hard, dark DNB mixed with organ and choir, compliments of the ECC Choir, recorded by Brent. My first actually good piece that uses a form of vocals throughout a good portion of the song.
Peak in sub-genre #79
Pretty much as dark as Dark Trance can be. One piece that's really different is the Cadenza Strings throughout the song. Ended up with almost 75 different patterns! Over six minutes long, this one's a definite thumbs up.
Progressive and melodic to the last beat. Starts out with almost a Dark Trance sound and then builds to a very pretty-sounding Progressive sound.
Peak in sub-genre #22
Took a break from Mellow, but decided to do another. Surprisingly, there was quite a bit that inspired this one- not just a single emotion. Nice, clean piano mixed with some down tempo drums and a few choir pieces. Double thumbs!
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