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#8 (Sub-genre)
Anything you need just call on me...
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Old Song
Another old one from the album that never was.
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Battle Track
#80 (Sub-genre) 1
This one got bumped from my boy Dubb's album
This is my nod to the whole, 'Make a bunch of money' mentality. Not really the way I think or aspire, but the group, (now defunct) wanted to do it, so there ya go. Enjoy it. Or hate it. Either way.
Peak in sub-genre #23 1
Verbal Abuse
Peak in sub-genre #82 2
From the now defunct group I was in. Happened upon this track and decided to post it. And yes, I know the beat's a bit f***y.
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Peak in sub-genre #58 1
Work It Girl
Peak in sub-genre #71 2
R-Dubb on the verses and hook, with me puttin my 2 cents. Posted this cause it's fonky.
Peak in sub-genre #99 2 1
'It's never gonna stop. Just pass the pot. And we can all get higher than an astronaut.'
Peak in sub-genre #58 2 1
Speaks for itself, kiddo.
Peak position #89 1
Break that weed up, split that swisher. Roll it, light it, let's get lifted.
Self Explanitory.
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