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I play what I feel and write for the moment. Music is an influence in my life that I need for my creative expression. Just gotta have it. Hope you like my idea
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Just started learning LOGIC PRO X and this is one of my first track I put together with my new DAW ... Thanks for Listening
Had Mike Oldfield on my mind when I started work on the song and I felt it had the feel of some of his older stuff from the 70's So that is why I made it a Tribute Piece .... Thanks for Listening
This is a Song for those of you who are truly in Love I Wrote this song for My Sweet Lady and Our 13th Anniversary coming up The 6th of January 2011. It has been a wonderful ride with her so far and I must say she inspires me just by being who she
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On New Years Eve 2011 over a thousand Red Wing Black Birds fell from the sky. Not sure why but it is truly a mystery. I wrote this about this incident. Thanks for listening
The FIRESTORM in California created so much smoke and ash everywhere that there was NOWHERE to RUN . This is another part of a Music Video I am working on showing pictures of some of what happened.
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Hey Thanks for Listening....This song Hit No. 1 here at Soundclick 7-28-06 also went to No. 1 at Funender.com 2006 No. 1 at Projectoverseer.biz 2006 and also at MP3.com 2001
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Just another feeling I had a few years ago. This piece has had some great feedback from other musicians and is one of my Favorites.
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A song to drift away to your magical place and dream your dreams.
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A song about the passing of a Loved One
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A song I wrote while thinking about how Life seems to bring Shadows or the Dreaded Black Cloud hanging over our head when we least expect it. The Sun does Shine again if we keep the faith and think positive..... Just never give up.
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Another Song I put together working with some Free Royalty Free Vox Samples.... Thanks for listening.
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A Beautiful song written to hopefully make your day just a little bit brighter. I need Lyrics & Vocals.... Contact me if your interested.
This is a Brand New Song I wrote a few weeks ago and is a mellow and easy listening tune for you to kick back with. Hope you like it. Enjoy !
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