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Glen Heffner is a keyboardist/composer who specializes in instrumental music based around melody/counter melody and rhythmic counterpoint. All instruments are
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The True Story of Coming Out of Nightmares into Dreams... by my band,The Rumblers -Tim Berry (guitars/backing vocals) Chris Robinette (Lead Vocals/backing vocals) Glen Heffner (Keys/Drums/Bass/backing vocals)o
Album: Timeless Travels Peak position #12 1
Just me, my piano and my emotions...
Album: Timeless Travels Peak position #28 3
Sunsets are inspiring. This song aims to capture all the glory of one particular sunset that was incredible in all ways. Pastel colors, bright, deep, soft, and all reflecting on waters below.
Album: Timeless Travels Peak in sub-genre #7 2
My impression of a place where the water is always moving. A constant "ebb and flow" of life...
Album: Timeless Travels Peak in sub-genre #5
The Haunting sounds of the ancient Tribal Indians. I attempted to utilize sounds that I think represent the instruments that they used. I only wish that these great people were more recognized for their contributions in our society today.
Album: Timeless Travels Peak in sub-genre #22
A powerful contemporary orchestral tune coupled with a bit of rock band elements.
Album: Timeless Travels Peak in sub-genre #61
The original tune that I wrote for this series of songs. It is supposed to be carefree and happy and leads the listener with the promise of lots of 'travels' to come. Thanks again for the real trumpet from Crossroads Consort!
Album: Timeless Travels Peak in sub-genre #41 1
Water Falls is a piano only composition that was recorded on the spot in a very reverbrant room with only a pair of stereo microphones. There was a fountain right outside the auditorium and thus the name.
Album: Timeless Travels Peak in sub-genre #21
This song puts you in the middle of the Rain Forest with a 5/4 rhythm, and a bit of syncopated counterpoint music intertwined:-) The opening flute and closing flute are actual South American bamboo flutes!
Album: Timeless Travels Peak position #54
Under The Sun is a tune about experiencing the joy of feeling the rays of the sun, without any worries, even if for only a few minutes. Read the Story Behind the Song if you've got a minute or two.
Album: Timeless Travels Peak position #42
Harken back to the Medieval Ages for this tune. I brought in a few friends to provide some real horn parts as well as French Horns. You'll probably notice my 'Beatle influences' here too.
Album: Timeless Travels Peak in sub-genre #7
Nothing is better than Home. No matter how nice it is to get away from once in a while, when you finally get back to it, there's nothing better. For better or worst, your whole life revolves around your home, and it will never leave you...
Peak position #48
"Etheral Encounters"is the final song that completes my album "Timeless Travels". I've compiled a variety of sounds designed to take the listener though "mood cycles". Play it several times/@various volumes until you "find the picture". Enjoy...
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