Daniel Ortiz
Electronic ECATEPEC, Mexico danielortiz.com.nu
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experimental mexican japanese trance psychedelic techtrance drum & bass beat nu electronic techno vibration!
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Peak in sub-genre #17
Minimal House, featuring some um, "tuff munkees" ;) Enjoy!
Peak in sub-genre #10
I had that feeling while starting it, so it was named the same :)
Peak in sub-genre #18
Remix of original
Peak in sub-genre #47
Ambient Drum & Bass. Enjoy!
Japanese-style Hip-Hop track. Listen to it, and you will see why it is named 'strong koto'. Enjoy!
Peak in sub-genre #38
Prog-psy with minimalistic and dark moods. Featuring 'El Dios Eolo' from Mexico.
Peak in sub-genre #28
(Tokage means 'lizard' in japanese). Drum & Bass track with atmospheric and dark mood that will tell you the story of a lizard that steps onto things inside a room. Enjoy!
Peak in sub-genre #11
Experimental hip-hop, mixed with sexy female samples in japanese. In the end, all is A.I.
Peak in sub-genre #37
This sound took me to another place last time i played it! XD
Peak in sub-genre #40
Tropical vibes delivered to your mental tongue! Does it taste good? ;)
Regular track on its initial state. Mood gets more uplifting as track progresses! ;)
Just that. relax ;)
Peak in sub-genre #54
Inspired on Trainspotting Begbie's bar fight, of course! hehehe!
The messages of everything...
Eroguro is a japanese abreviation consisting of two english words: erotic and gross. Eroguro may be visual and audible, as you may 'hear here'. Simply enjoy it!
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