Young Ike
HipHop clarksville, USA
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Rap, Hip hop, lyrical
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1 verse preview...quick mix.
additional vocals by triple n. not mastered....
1st Round track for LE's tourney for $2,000. Soon to be re recorded and a 3rd verse added..
song for our magik on the beat.....1st verse - Trip, 2nd Verse - Black M., 3rd Verse - Ike
Initiation Round of LE's Tourney for $2000
1st Verse, 3rd Verse, And Hook - Lethal GK.......2nd Verse - Ike.......Something Nice off The Mixtape...
Peak in sub-genre #94
nice lil story track i whipped up. Listen Closely.
song me n will did a while back...just never got a chance to post it on 2nd verse and hook...hes on 1st and 3rd verse
Peak in sub-genre #82
Original 1st lady song. I looped the beat & remixed it. One verse at the beginning and one at the end
Round 3 of's "RV Idol" Tournament. Topic was talk about a robbery. Eh i dont really like this track, but it gets the job done and the point across for the tourney
1st verse: ECKO....2nd Verse:Black Magik....3rd Verse: Deadlyvision....4th Verse: Tha Q.....5th verse: Ike
Song i wrote a long time on 1st verse and hook....Lethal GK on 2nd verse, check him out at
Inside Jokes really. Made for an intro to a CD i made some of my friends....that play soccer....just to mess with em...pretty funny
song i wrote about my grandad when he means a lot to me...i wrote it back when my flow wasnt as good...but this track still means a lot to me..
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