HipHop hamilton, Canada myspace.com/kontroverzycan
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Kontroverzy Reppin Steel City. Spittin that fiya
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www.youtube.com/kontrovezy to watch the vid
Peak in sub-genre #65
just some sh**
some underground sh** for ya asses.
another joint. check it out
Peak in sub-genre #68
kaj on the beat...just some sh** ..hollla
Peak in sub-genre #99
smoke one too this
yeahhhh Im shifty
Peak in sub-genre #81
yeah this sh** is a hit.
Peak in sub-genre #98
this is dat causin kontroverzy 20 songs in 20 days check it out www.youtube.com/kontroverzy
me and messiah tearin it up in the 09 year. more to come
Peak in sub-genre #56
now this sh*** right here is a banger
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