Victor Pez
Latin Elmendorf, USA
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Native American Latin Jazz
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Wake up my soul and shine
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Aliento vientos esta dentro, me llena esa fuerza vitamina, esa esencia Divina.
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Been Play at the waves when SXSW festival was alive. was a great present on my birthday . love it by my fellow musicians Thanks for bring harmony to the world.
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Para entender tienes que vivir y leer 1cor13
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Came from the pressure cooking feeling
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The song inspired by my Mother for her love , talent and wisdom. Gracias. Ma.Tilde Ramos Verastegui.
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The virtual reality that is so real and challenge our life.
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Que brote que salga la intencion
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In the day of the dead "Dia de los muertos" what a better way to forget "Halloween" making music jam for the souls that pass the test of dead. To all you dead heads eternal life.
Peak in sub-genre #31
Dedicate to my Grandsons born in Austin and all musicians here.
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