Tom Neilson
Acoustic Greenfield, MA  USA
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Folk singer, social commentary, satire, people's stories, children's music
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#14 (Main)
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Louisiana is losing its bayous and their communities to the fossil fuel industry.
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#9 (Sub-genre) 2 1
commentary on the right to breast feed in public
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environmental, social commentary
Peak position #23 5
political satire
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Water was written at the request of Pastor Chris Breedlove of Fresno, CA. Once our water is adulterated with methane, oil, radioactivity, fertilizers, fluoride, and a variety of other poisons and waste, it ceases to be safe to drink.
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In 1988, The Palestine town of Beit Sahour bought 18 cows from Kibbutz Hillel so that they could start a dairy collective to provide fresh milk.
Peak position #8
folk song about Immokalee workers strike against Wendy's for better working conditions and a penny more a pound for the tomatoes they pick; performed with Inari Jade and Wylie Robbins Thorne-Thomsen on mandolin
Peak in sub-genre #21
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Peak position #10
song about climate disruption
Peak position #2
pipeline leaks in Western MA
Peak position #70 1 1
account of Exxon Mobile's oil link in Mayflower
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