John Gunn
Rock Australia
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John Gunn
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Peak in sub-genre #24
Just a taste.
Peak in sub-genre #44 1
Thanks to Matty B, Johnny Sparklechops, Kerry and Sassafras.
A paranoid diatribe about modern technology and personal demons.
Peak in sub-genre #76
Lyrics by FISH. Happy birthday FISH.
Peak in sub-genre #57 1
Thanks to Bdave for adding the strings. We will be re-doing this soon so stay tuned.
Peak position #28
Peak in sub-genre #58
BGM for something or other.
Peak in sub-genre #86
Peak in sub-genre #27
Intro by Bdave. Made using bottles of Kirin beer and electric tuna. Yum.
Rework of the previous song.
Here's the first version straight out of the synth.
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