JC Reed
Acoustic flowery branch, GA  USA jc-reed.com/
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Acoustic guitar performances as well as demo song projects with plenty of electric guitar to make your hair stand!
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Well... This hit #7 when I originally posted this a year or so back. I took it off of here for a while because I wanted to post the mastered acoustic version instead. Sooooooooooo, here ya go :-)
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I had a couple of email requests to put this song back up on soundclick, thought I'd do so with the newer mastered version. I hope you all like it :-)
Another mastered version of a song some of you may have heard from me before.
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Continuing the live recording file demand... I made a medley of "Collide" (Howie Day) and "My Stupid Mouth" (John Mayer).
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A shorter version of an instrumental guitar piece.
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