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Gospel rap, contemporary christian,
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Hip Hop with a grungee/rock sort of feel.
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Some christians and non christians think that being a christian means that you are supposed to be perfect. Not Quite. Check this one out.
Every now and then christians come to a point of recommitment. This is MIR's anthem of recommitment.
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A song on a smooth track about the temptations that young christians face.
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A song about being victorious in Christ. This one features Immortal from Immortal Souljahz.
The title track to our first CD
The remix to Headed For Glory
Some stuff the Lord put on J Mo's heart.
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This is the screwed version of a song featuring Slug and B.A. This song was never released.
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A shout out to all the saints in H-Town....Houston, that is.
Despite the distractions that come in life, we still gotta rep Christ.
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This is my testimony.
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This is a gospel song written and sung by Niecie Rusaw.
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The remix to The Rescue with J Mo
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