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michael fogarty
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This is a mix for auditioning purposes. Written and sung by Jon Tucker with his wife on backups. Jon played acoustic and electric guitars recorded in Austin Texas at Dream Harbor Studios. All keys, production in Japan in my studio.
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80's pop
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everybody belongs to someone. A little respect for life.
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.. have you ever loved somebody that you just can't have for one reason or another but you can't get them off of your mind? I wrote this for someone very close who has this problem.
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Chiyoko McNair singing a song I wrote for my son in the depths of despair.
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You're not alone no matter how hard life gets--the candles are left out for you at night. Great job Aimee with Mak on guitar.
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sometimes a day seems so long. Just take it one day at a time. Christy Gibson did a great job on this one. Rest of the team is the same--Philip Johnson guitars/Mike Marringtom drums.
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there is only one thing we can take with us when we die-the love we gave.
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Old Jim Reeves song--always been one of my favorites since I was a kid so did a recording of it with Christy Gibson. That's my band Mak on Sadowsky, Masa on Acoustic, Mike Marrington drums--streetlite myself and Keiko on backups. I did production, wu
beautiful thought. We get so busy as professionals and artists we sometimes don't have time for our significant other. All we need sometimes is a little quiet time. Glynis Martin on vocals/ overall production--I did strings. keys. mixing.
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For a friend who's wife passed away at dawn. Please see story below.
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a song in Japanese which is entitled-beautiful heart-it kind of loses something in the translation. This is Keiko singing.
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Angelina singing--sometimes life is a struggle. We feel like giving up. Go out into the back yard and eat worms and see if anybody cares. Well, that kind of attitude has never gotten me anywhere. Just gotta keep on fighting or as my mom used to say,
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gotta keep the love burning--sometimes it's light is all that's left to hold onto.
yamaha piano performance
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