Collins and DiBon
Pop Harleysville, PA  USA
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Walt Collins
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Retro grooves for the new millenium. Pop/rock songs, some ballads, and heartfelt lyrics.
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Peak in sub-genre #17 1 1
In-your-face rocker with a dual vocal and a driving rhythm. Reviews - [John] Best one yet! Catchy riff, nice hook -- I smell commercial potential.... [Eric] uptempo, catchy rock song with great lead guitar work and excellent harmonies
Peak in sub-genre #41 1 1
A soulful vocal leads you through this bluesy song, written about the confusion, anger and heartbreak of an impending breakup. Reviews: [Eric] awesome!!! This song hooks you in right from the start and just doesn't stop rocking!
Peak in sub-genre #20 2 1
Daryl "Big Daddy" Williams makes a special guest appearance on this heartwrenching guitar ballad. REVIEWS: [Amy] amazing ... tear-jerker. I loved it ... C'est Bon! [Harry] one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard!
Peak in sub-genre #62 1 1
A pre-release version of a new song that's going to be coming out soon.
Peak in sub-genre #27 1 1
A touching piano ballad with three part harmony. Was written as a wedding gift to Brian's Aunt, specifically for the dance between her and her son, the groom. Reports are that there wasn't a dry eye in the house after the DJ played this song...
Peak in sub-genre #22
A catchy pop song that captures the emotion of reminiscence in an upbeat way with a mix of guitars and backdrop harmonies. Reviews: [Lisa] Woo! I really liked it! [Eric] sounds a bit like Teenage Fanclub
Peak in sub-genre #88
A formless acoustic poetry piece originally written about one person's early morning epiphany. What does it mean to you? Thanks to Martin Schiff (of Starbirth) for his wonderful instrumentation on this contemplative collaboration.
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