Crotchless Leather Wheelchair
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For people who love traditional, structured, sane music - this is torment. For freaks that love insanity and laughter - this might just be what you need to fil
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The theme from an imaginary children's cartoon.
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A promo we did for the Hour of Slack.
The theme the the little known, but incredibly brutal and misogynistic 70's kid's cartoon "Secret Midget".
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A tale of heroic battle and glory.
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Serious grunt-rock which hides a secret hypno-signal which makes 1 out of 23 people go to the nearest trailer-park, shotgun 16 Bud lites and f*** a dog.
Peak position #44
"BOB" would never do something like that, would he?
Peak position #46
A forbidden love between a hip hop mogul and a potato.
Peak position #7
A true story. This song is dedicated to our friend Ivan Stang. PRAISE "BOB"!!!
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A redneck trucker anthem for all you real Americans out there. God bless George Bush.
Peak in sub-genre #51
No description needed - Praise BOB or kill me!
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A song that offended even OUR friends. How dare we?
Peak in sub-genre #4
This one goes out to the delusional Canadian wanker named Oliver Richman. We know we can't fool one such as he with our happy wanderings, because HE knows the Tao (chuckle).
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Jan Michael Vincent beat his wife.
Peak position #36
Willie Aames masturbates more than you - he can prove it with math.
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