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Solo singer-songwriter playing British fingerstyle steel and nylon string guitar, and historic instruments. Scots and Irish influences with original melodic set
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#34 (Sub-genre)
This song just strikes a chord with audiences everywhere - even if the year needs changing. 'Someone went ahead of me, and turned the signposts round...' - the story of my life!
Peak position #13
An autobiographical song - Autumn 1968, woods near our homes in South Yorkshire. Written for Shirley in 2001, prompted by a sepia print of the photo I took that day. Well, would you be happy to have oak leaves carefully added to your hair?
Album: Beyond the Emerant Lea Peak position #16 1
Impressions of return to a western island, a small boat and waters lapping a mooring shrouded by mist. Guitar instrumental.
Peak position #8 3 1
An atmospheric Border Scots ballad in the auld tradition: how 'the Piper of Loos' saved the 7th Battalion of the King's Own Scottish Borderers in October 1915.
Peak position #5 2
An original multitracked acoustic guitar instrumental - soaring, flight, freedom, height, space, uplift, elation, awakening, joy, brightness.
Peak position #15
A new song in the manner of lutenists of the late Elizabethan and early Jacobean courts played on a Lowden S35C guitar
Peak position #51
A short celtic guitar piece on a familiar Scottish theme.
Peak position #9 1
The language is a little old-fashioned, but this is new song. It seems right that way. Have a listen if you love someone.
Album: Beyond the Emerant Lea Peak in sub-genre #36 1
A slow Scottish jig written for the guitar, using harmonics, named for the deep pool in the Tweed where the bells of ruined Kelso Abbey are supposed to lie, ringing as the dark water flows over them - to be heard when danger is near...
Peak position #58
A song which appears in most British traditions and is sometimes considered to be Scottish. One of my favourite ballads. With 2nd part played on a Troubadour Lionheart bouzouki.
Album: Beyond the Emerant Lea Peak position #18 2 1
This is a guitar instrumental in CGDEAD tuning, played fingerstyle.
Peak position #14 1
A song for the veterans of all wars and any wars - not a lament, nor a protest, but a comment on the passing of time and the nature of men at war. Strong chorus and rythm.
#98 (Sub-genre) 4 2
Yerevan duduk master Armen Grigoryan has written a solo to float over the top of my guitar solo, The Last Rays of Summer, and has recorded this - much to my amazement, as it entirely transforms the music.
Peak position #24
Edinburgh (Scotland!) is a wonderful city in summer and if you've been there, the chances are you have ended your night out as the sun rose again. As much a cameo of the festival city, as a love song...
Album: Beyond the Emerant Lea Peak position #12 1
A flowing, continuous acoustic guitar instrumental with the distinctive sound of 'electric nylon'
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