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Peak position #22
Sort of Bowie meets Billy Bragg flailing
#95 (Sub-genre) 2 1
Peak position #58 1 1
Peak position #27 1 1
A toe in the water after a looooong haitus
Peak position #44 1
Peak position #71 1 1
A lovely fingerpicked waltz BT from TNuT. Some aimless lead wandering by me on a CS-356.
Peak position #49 3 1
Mighty fine spacious BT by Rainer. CS-356 lead by me.
Peak position #63 2 2
BT by Zach & Aaron. Quivck lead by me on a CS-356.
Peak position #71 1 1
Rainer does it again with bt that's spare, spacious and rock hard. I went a little nuts blowing off some steam - you get three layers of me blasting away.
Peak in sub-genre #78 1 1
TNuT backing. Lead by me for my grandmother who just passed.
Peak in sub-genre #46
OSA backing track. Some CS-356 and too many digital delays added by me.
Peak position #96
TNuT backing track, the usual effluent from me.
Peak position #28
It's an honor to play over this backing tracks that Paul made for his lost brother. Thanks TNuT.
Peak position #53
Another terrific flatjamboo backing track. A rather hurried and aimless lead by me, just sort of wallowing in the noise.
Peak position #68 1
Dolphinstreet BT brought tot he LPF. CS-356 into a Womanizer pedal direct, with an OCD and a Carbon Copy in front.
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