Electronic Argentina
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8-bit music project by Ignat, electronic musician from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I'm devoted to Game Boy, Commodore 64, atari 2600, Casio(s), pac-man, 1970s - 19
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Peak in sub-genre #7 1
ravey dancey tune, like early 90s radio hitz!! all gameboy made as usual ^_^
Peak in sub-genre #4 1
entirely gameboy made dark IDM
Peak in sub-genre #19
entirely gameboy made IDM /Dark Ambient
Peak in sub-genre #9
80ish electro minimal poppy song in loving memory of my lost red GB pocket. He was really sexy
Peak in sub-genre #16
some mario beats to cheer up your life
Peak in sub-genre #10
eurodance-like gameboy minimal song 2 Dance with your Gay Boy :)
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