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With roughly 550 solo-gigs under my belt and enough originals to choke a horse... I'd been looking to put a band together in the name of Revitalizing Classic Ro
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Peak position #22
Song written to my daughters while I was deployed '95-'96.
Peak position #36
Angstful yet Upbeat! "Doobie-ish" middle-8th was written as intro to another song. Fit MUCH better here!
Peak in sub-genre #92
A song about a Rock & Roll girl with a Awesome Jean Jacket!
Peak position #68 1
An acoustic ballad flavored with some PURE keyboard Wizardry! Sabor!
Peak in sub-genre #24
Written in the key of "Stills", but not as Mellow as the "Cautious Cowboy"! An Upbeat Umbrella!!
Peak position #51
Flamencos-Harmonicus. ("Light My River Band!")
Peak in sub-genre #41
It's as 'Alternative' as I believe I've gotten. You be the judge! ;)
Peak position #61
This is a song of Great Hope!..... ;)
Peak in sub-genre #15
A mixture of two originals("Wrong Number" "Pins & Needles"), introduced by an epic instrumental ("Navy Day Ball: 2002") composed by Producer and Session-man Dave Roy. (YES! It's Moody-Styx!)
Peak position #89
My first attempt at Alternative Rock. Despite the title, I'd say I got it Quite Right!
Peak position #40
Very Hooky - Superlative Segues - Great Harmonies
Peak in sub-genre #32
For a friend. 'May I Have the Next Dance, Please?!?'
Peak position #22
"Dave... I think it needs something more. You play fiddle, don't you?" He stepped over to a closet, withdrew a fiddle and bow. (POOF! went the dust.) Play/Record... FIRST TAKE! /-)
#78 (Main)
A 1993 answer to Warren Zevon's "Hasten Down the Wind"
Peak in sub-genre #25
An acousting "rambler" inspired by the guitar voicings of my friend and Mentor, Lewis McGehee.
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