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Peak in sub-genre #48
An energetic song with vocoded lyrics.
A song that adds a new instrument every 12 measures after a period of intense reverberation, then removes them.
This is a song! It has some looping piano and cool beats and maybe a nice bridge. Take a listen.
Peak in sub-genre #20
An upbeat dance remix of my slow tune, Mystical. It's similar to Plump DJ's usual beat, hence the name. Give it a twirl!
Peak in sub-genre #48
An RPGish song based on a large chord progression. These kinds of things are fun and easy to make.
Didn't really have a genre in mind this time around. I always liked symphonic stuff mixed with electronica, so that's what I did. It's the longest piece I've done, almost 5 minutes long. Tell me what you think!
Peak in sub-genre #8
Extended version of scream. Is mastered better, has slightly improved synths, and some parts aren't as awkward since they're spread out.
Peak in sub-genre #20
Named after the unit in Reason that I used 8 TIMES to make it. Definitely different than my other stuff, give it a listen.
Peak in sub-genre #58
My first Reason song, and a remake of a short loop I made a while ago. Named due to a song with a similar chord progression in a Sonic Advance "ice" level.
Peak in sub-genre #5
It means "new 2," which is what I named the file as I was making it. Yeah, lame. Sounds sorta video-gamey; could be used like a battle or something. I like the piano a lot.
Peak in sub-genre #12
A remake of a song I composed for someone's anime project, "Ninja Chef Ayaka." It's total eurobeat; sounds a lot like something by Y&Co. "BM Version" means I made it for a beatmania sim. Art by Scott King.
Peak in sub-genre #25
My attempt at a generic trance song - it had to be done, so I did it. Sounds a lot like stuff by PINK PONG or Y&Co., and some of what TaQ does. Nothing too original or special, but fun to listen to.
A (permitted) remix of aym's unofficial beatmania song, NIGHT&DAY. aym's stuff is always pretty dry - I felt like spicing this one up because I like the strings/vocals a lot.
Peak in sub-genre #95
Very hard techno. Totally inspired by TaQ's songs, such as symbolic, stoic, Holic, and DXY!. Notice a pattern with most of the names?
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