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About our times.
Peak in sub-genre #31
Growing up in a mining district and our changing times that have swept much of that away.
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My own little tribute song to rock 'n' roll. Everybody has to have one.
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Taking a stab at form pop. I discovered with one of the rare times I listened to myself that I sound real drunk. I guess I can't embarrass myself any worse, hopefully.....
About rekindled romance.
Peak in sub-genre #91
About holding on to what's important through armegedden.
About passing by that one someone special.
Just what the song title says.
Peak in sub-genre #85
I like both light and dark rock. This is one of my lighter recordings. It is meant for an album length recording I would like to do. Not for profit, but for the love of doing it.
About losing a friend in the military and the lives left behind.
A pun on the entertainment and news media.
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Peak in sub-genre #37
Rerecording of the first track I ever recorded. Very sparse, played on 2 strings of my acoustic guitar. I was aiming for a Bob Dylan "Knocking On Heavens Door" kind of feel.
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