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Crazy and Offensive Pranks Improvised by one of the Best Prank Callers Ever. Racists, Sexual, dirty, outrageous prank calls that are made up completetly off the
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I call a random woman off craigslist selling a sewing machine and she gets creeped out.
#26 (Sub-genre)
I call up random people and ask them weird questions to creep them out.
Peak position #64
I call some random guy up selling oil and tell him I'm gonna be rich.
Peak position #20
There are longer calls on this one.
Peak position #7
This is part 1 of 2 where I call people off CL and ask to do sexual things for them to lower the price.
Peak position #27
I call up some Libraries and tell them I found weed in some books and also someone is selling me weed. The responses were pretty good.
Peak position #57
I call some random woman who give me her number like 5 years ago and pretend I'm just out of a coma. She gets freaked out and laughs start to happen.
Peak position #24
I got this idea from Norm Macdonald's Dirty Work. I call up people selling cars and ask about the trunk space.
Peak position #52
The 2nd part of the series
#77 (Main)
I call random people off craigslist that sell items and offer them sexual favors to lower the price.
Peak position #24
I call random places telling them I made love to a hot pot pie.
Peak position #25
The last part of the boneless pizza series.
Peak position #27
This angry THOT calls back twice after being humiliated by one of the prank call masters! HAH!
Peak position #89
Part 2 of 4
Peak position #32
Part 1 of 4 boneless pizza prank calls.
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