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My heart's desire is to represent the King in word and deed through hip-hop culture and beyond.
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Peak position #73
Remix of the 'Pingu' theme tune. Why did I do this? No idea...
Peak in sub-genre #9
Remix of The Tribe's old "House of Love" track, instrumental. Done on Logic Pro
Peak in sub-genre #16
Worship track backing from Isaiah 53. A very quick / basic vocal track and quick guitaring done on a Ibanez electric. Backing track compiled in Garage Band
Peak position #81
Just messing with Garageband!
Peak in sub-genre #21
Peak in sub-genre #21
Nice little crunk roller for your audio delights. Nice pounding bass drum which drives the track, with some syncopated hats
Another collabo with Paul. Another minor keyed strange affair. This time with Paul on oud and the drum programming. Me on some fairly average guitaring. But hey, it was quickly done and I was ill!
Just a chilled out, laid back dirty south styled break for general all-round good vibes and reflective freshness. Crunk doesn't always have to mean cheese ;)
This was a follow on to another track, but with a slightly more complex beat - plus a piano riff layered on top. An almost a 'drop it likes it's hot' beat.
Another dopish instrumental - hopefully!
A nice roller of a song, inspired by looking out in the distance over some rolling hills
Peak in sub-genre #49
Slight remix of one of my tracks (below) calling out so called gangsta rappers. As ever, this is the backing, but there are lyrics
crunky stylee
Peak in sub-genre #58
Mate back from Morocco for couple weeks wanted to write a song. This is what happened.. This is a strange kind of pop rock and it's my mate on vocals, not me!! Guitars, strings, scratches beats from me..
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This is dedicated to Morgen Lindquist Pladers and her daughter. I don't really know them that well But her daughter is very sick, almost near death, I ask that all funding be given to her cause.
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