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Some westcoast shit ya mean...Yall check it out tell me wut u think
Anotha bangin sampled joint by ya boy Logik!!! This on some real shit ya mean...X.O Check me out my n***!
Some more sampled shit right here....This on some heatmakers shit...yall check it out be he judge if u want it holla!
Dis some dark shit, just merk a n*** as soon as you see him...
Look at the title!
Check it out!!!
Dis beat right here is dat soulful get ya shit together joint...Crazy sample, piano's is wild...check it out
Sample joint...U Got n***z hooke straight like dat, whether its a fiend dat want dat shit or wuteva!
Dat street shit for the fam right here!
Piano joint...on some primo shit/logik gutta gutta street dont let me seee u on my block shit!
Crazy shit right here man...check this shit out ASAP! That gutta shit
Anotha sample joint for my n***z who love them sample joints...Dont forget BEATS IS CHEAP MY n***!!(BEAT reserved for Talal of 360 ent.)
Crazy beat with samples from Dorothy Moore....Im prolly goin keep dis one for myself but check it out holla at ya boy
Dis dat gutta gutta right here, got a killa bassline, drums, and gun shots lettin loose on the track...holla at ya boy!
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