Brandy of the Damned
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Michael Chocholak's abstract electronic and electroacoustic soundscapes where any sound source is considered a potential instrument from skin drum to pc. Influe
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Peak in sub-genre #29
A banana plant in the autumn gale - I listen to the dripping of rain Into a basin at night. ~ Basho Matsuo. Tibetan bowl, birds, wine glass, drums
Peak in sub-genre #31
traditionally a smoke offering to the Nagas, serpentine beings associated with water which itself often symbolizes the collective unconscious. it was they who raised their hoods to protect the Buddha from the rain.
Peak in sub-genre #29
kingdoms of dust. empires of rust. skeletal sleep. dreams in decay. derelict. abandoned. wind chimes, processing, pigeons
Peak in sub-genre #16 1
the lake in Antarctica 2 miles beneath the ice, isolated for 25 million years, mythic rumors of aliens and the reich, and a week of radio silence. processed harmonic tone
from the ancient Egyptian sacred text describing the 12 hour journey of a newly deceased soul through Tuat, the land of the dead. a gate for each hour of the sun's journey through the night.
Peak in sub-genre #33
for Magik and The Norns. cymbal, tuning forks, steel pipe, bamboo flute, crystal glass.
Peak in sub-genre #35
gazing upon, the long soul of a river, flowing movement, no thirst Anaguma. flute, drum, harmonic tones
circadian wheel of fire bathed in the endless flow of water. harmonics, conch, pasture gates and image to sound conversion
Peak in sub-genre #94
wind breath sighing oceans of air singing through throats of glass. dedicated to the rack on my pickup truck. processed harmonic tones
Peak in sub-genre #59
Night shining
Peak in sub-genre #64
for Voyager I's birthday as it prepares transit the plasma boundary at the edge of our solar system and move into uncharted space. processed image to sound conversion
Peak in sub-genre #53
composed by Ooy throughout 2008 based on material provided by Michael Chocholak
Peak in sub-genre #45
composed by Michael Chocholak throughout 2008 based on material provided by Ooy
Peak in sub-genre #53
I'm so sick of the damn cold I decided to grab a piece of it and turn it into a rain forest ;).processed ice
the microscopic evolving into the cosmological - the bonding of ice and dust particles through eletrostatic attraction eventually resulting in planets and solar system
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