Aeon's Promise
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aeon's promise
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Want a different perspective of faith, one that is intertwined with our living Lord? Not some distant entity....Stop sweating, it is only Christian Rock, songs
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#62 (Sub-genre) 2
Surreal description of a creating song, about God's glory in Christ
Peak in sub-genre #27 1
Following the teachings of Jesus in the vein of His many garden parables, a rocking psychedelic tune.
Peak in sub-genre #14 1
Strong Progressive Rock Tune with eclectic bass lines and guitar which sounds reminiscent of Rush
Peak in sub-genre #31 1
A powerful psychedelic rock tune whose words desrcibe the beauty of nature and what is to come, and the downfall of human nature
Peak in sub-genre #48 1
A strong acoustic folk/rock tune about a man's relationship with Christ
Peak in sub-genre #55 1
A strong blues tune using Texas and jazz styles. Very Nice song
Peak in sub-genre #80 1
A very powerful tune with burning guitars and psychedelic keys evoking images of God delivering the Ten Commandments to a world unsure of what to say.
Peak in sub-genre #53 1
A song about hearing God in all things
Peak in sub-genre #48 1
It is sort of a blend of psychedelic prog, acid blues/jazz, and pop, huh???? Yea thats what I said, this is a preview, still need another guitar track and some fine tuning on vocals.
Peak in sub-genre #22 1
Jesus saves is an island gospel song proclaiming Jesus Christ as Saviour. Cool tune.
Peak in sub-genre #33 1
This song is a blend of rock, both prog and classic and acid /psychedelic jazz, a very powerful tune.
Peak position #51 1
A song about the many turns our time on earth takes and the hand that enlightened me with visions of the beyond
Peak in sub-genre #39 1
A song about God's Door being open, if we would just come in.
Peak in sub-genre #47 1
This song is mostly instrumental, with some spoken word on it. very psychedelic and jazzy, with mantra like words.
Peak position #93 1
A song about seeing the relationship of Zero Hour and life itself
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