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From the New Album
This shit is insane, for my new album, just showing bi***es that I'm not sleepin on my new shit.
Made with reason 2.0... My first good beat on Reason... Phantasm sampled, so... use at your own risk... its free
Made with Reason 2.0 I sampled Dragon Warriors Theme, so this beat is free...
ALL REASON 2.5!!! Tell about yourself, coming up, or take your time and rip this shit up... $10
Perfect to jam under th influence, Drums By Tuareg, Everything else by Reason... Wicked pans, synths, and everything... $15
Great beat sounding like aliens are talkin while mashing out... Made with Reason 2.0... $15
The Drums were made with Tuareg, the rest with reason... this beat is untouchable... $15
Like Master Ps Make Crack Like This, but with my voice sampled... fast paced tripped out drums and effects... $5
Made By Tuareg 2.5, Creep up and KiLL YOU beat... $10
SOLD Something straight outta your favorite horror movie, slowed down.. and blowing up your subs... Tuareg 2.5 ... $10
Very Ganksta, Made With Tuareg 2.5, $10
Peak position #69
SOLD Guaranteed To get Somebody laid... made with tuareg... $10
Triphop made with Tuareg, Explanation of A Psycho, $5
Made with Tuareg 2.0, Dirty South at its finest... Has Blown Up 3 Systems, so Use Extreme Caution while bumping, $10
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