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An up-and-coming Spoken Word artist from Nashville, TN. She is currently serving as the spokesperson for Miss Black USA, Inc. and holds the title of Miss Woman of Color 2002.
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Infused with the fresh influences of hip hop, the spoken-word scenes and new technology, while still firmly positioned within the continuing lineage of the soul jazz and blues masters, Pariss' music captures the next moment of urban soul music now.
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Before she received national attention flexing her skills, going toe to toe with her male counterparts on a Sprite commerical, she was recording with underground producing sensation Tack-Fu -
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Idara Umana known as Ill Skillz and rightfully so, is a street philosopher by spirit and poet by trade. She has been labeled of of the "illest poets in the city".
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Based in Cincinnati, Abiyah is a poet and recording artist who specializes in the Floetry genre, a style of poetry blended with music, percussion, and voice.
Soulflower has performed with artists like Lauryn Hill,Erykah Badu, Outkast, The Roots & many others. Said to be one of the most positive and revolutionary recording artists of our time.
A lot of hip hop emcees leave an impression that fades like writing in pencil, this one is permanent.
Motion is a potent lyricist, a multitalented artist with the skills to party-rock an audience into a frenzy or entrance listeners with deep lyrics and melodies.
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The first lady of abnormal records gives a scorchin' warning! Featuring Mykill Miers.
Living in Southern Cal attending Long Beach City College. Opened up for Spearhead, Brotha Lynch, YukMouth and Ray Jay to name a few... 
Sakinah Nabi (God inspired peace of mind and intelligence) is part of a new generation of female mcs that are beyond the stereotypes of women as sex symbols.
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Combining lyrics stripped down to their emotional core with a vocal range encompassing the spectrums of harmony and feeling, power and tenderness, Kristin will melt your heart in one minute and break it the next.
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