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Andy Stootz
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Music and audio services for film, TV, radio, web, podcasts, and any other media. Strong themes, subtle underscore, rapid turnaround of quality end product.
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Peak in sub-genre #42
Dark and atmospheric orchestral piece that is part underscore and part cinematic theme
Peak position #21
Film score - demo for the intro track of suspense / horror film The Phoenix
Track 4 from module 1 of my music for the media course (final track)
Song 3 from module 1 of my Music for the Media course
Second song from module 1 of my Music for the Media course
First track from module 1 of my Music for the Media course....
Update to Whenever You Need Me with lyrics / vocals by Rebecca Riedtmann. This is still a demo version for distribution and review purposes.
Peak in sub-genre #35
Another idea / demo - a version soon to be complete with my good buddy Iain Moore
Another demo - idea, much more of a jazz feel with a laid back funk feel
Another demo / idea - I want a female vocal on this one for a Beach party / feel good Ibiza sound
Another idea / demo looking for collaborators to help me complete it...
Peak in sub-genre #92
Just a demo / idea for a track that is quite happy sounding and uplifting
Instrumental mix of rock and pop with a punchy sound... just a demo for now
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