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Bolin(Prestilo), Finesse, KyD(Teztamentoz), Stamina(Teztamentoz), Doggmatic(Flipsouljah), T.Max(Teztamentoz)
Line-Up: Naldo(Simbagsik), Dokk(Simbagsik), Larciny(Simbagsik), Aries(Teztamentoz), KyD(Teztamentoz), Yellow Kid(PinoyGlockz), Doggmatic(Flipsouljah), Bolin(Prestilo), Chino(Simbagsik), Stamina(Teztamentoz), 3GaH ------> [[YOGA productionz]]
[[Simbagsik Production]] Dlanknor and Chino (Simbagsik) featuring Doggmatic [Creditz: Beat by Dlanknor]
[Produced by Pau aka Tamizz] Tamizz feat. Doggmatic
[[Simbagsik Production]] Chino(Simbagsik), Madd Chaos(Simbagsik), Dokk(Simbagsik), Doggmatic, Dlanknor(Simbagsik), and Tamizz(R.A.W.)[[Creditz: Produced and Beat by Chino]]
[Simbagsik] Naldo, Chino, Dokk, Krypto-G, Buluzok, Kimoy, Larciny, & Doggmatic
Tikas(5mm),Doggmatic,Alaz(Trioz),C-Block(Trioz),Nikko(Big DealBolin(Prestilo),Kelso Jack(Karta Nuebe),El Kabesa(Flavour-D),Dlanknor(Simbagsik),Dhakis(5mm),Valiente(Karta Nuebe),& Impokrita [[Creditz: Produced Nikko]]
Doggmatic featuring Gayuma
Yawzi(GR),Tikas(5mm),Bayolente(Kilabot),Impokrita,Doggmatic,Shockanovah & Shaka(MismO),Inzomnia(Flipsouljahz),Kabo & Lalakeng Malufet(Sindikato),King-O(Flipmatic)[[Creditz:Beat by Bayolente]]
[[Delicado Production]] KyD(Trez Testamentoz),Flyptoh(Simbagsik),Dlanknor(Simbagsik),W4zZtOh(Delicado),Chino(Simbagsik),Doggmatic,SiLAkbO(Delicado)
[[Ngangaw Production]] [Okashira(NgaNgaw Solo)][Momentz(HS)][Bhuhawi(5mm)][Layzie Fuego][Doggmatic][Dhozena(DE)][SpiYah(Sanzhinukob)][Stahtix(AV)][Impokrita][El Kabesa(Flavour-D)][Kikkko(Armadoz)][Mac Wun & Shock Gie(Gagong Rapper)]
[[Kilabot Production]] Doggmatic, King-O(Flipmatic),Magnum(Markado),Shockanovah(Mismo),Atrazo(Kilabot),Bayolente(Kilabot)[[Creditz: Produced by Bayolente]]
Destroyer, Doggmatic, Impokrita (Vigilantez), and King-O Creditz: Beat by Jerome a.k.a Destroyer
[[MismO Production]] 1.Doggmatic, Kalmante of Delicadoz, Sambulat of 5mm & Buknoy Mismo 2.Karma of Trioz, Bolin of Prestilo, Shockanohva & Shaka of Mismo 3.Kulog of Mismo, Jhace of Xplizitz, LiL´Humble of ButtaFlava & Shock-Gie of GagongRapper
[[Flipsouljahz Classic]] Bayolente(Kilabot), Doggmatic, and AntO'ganista [[Refrain byBayolente and chorus by Snatcha' of Flipmatic, Beat and produced by Destroyer]]
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