Albert Forssell
Alternative Kowloon, Hong Kong
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A depressing song about how time passes. Lo-fi recording.
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An ambient version of "All Day Long", with Roy Allen Hunt on vocals.
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02-Aug-2009. Updated mix, thanks to Dave Criddle.
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03-May-2009. A small song about a one-directional love affair. Not one my best...
Peak in sub-genre #66 2
30-Dec-2008. A song about desire.
Peak in sub-genre #30 5
28-Dec-2008. A sound experiment.
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(28-Mar-2008) Featuring Bill Mecca on sax and Pete Young on harmony vocals.
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(18-Feb-2007) An experiment in style
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(07-Nov-2005)Collaboration with Kim Nguyen. (29-Nov-2005) Added lyrics to lyrics page.
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(01-May-2005) Take your shoes off before pressing Play...
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