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HipHop Whitchurch, United Kingdom
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Me and MCD on another....make sure you check out the last hook ;)
just venting
me first then MCD and redmond with the 3rd verse
Ft MCD on 2nd verse me with the rest
Me and MCD on another one
Beat By Frostbyte.....jus getting back on the mic for the first time in a while
Me with 1st and 3rd verses and hooks Bliv with 2nd verse
Covert, Fixion n ..E.Z..
Peak in sub-genre #100
Me with 1st verse hook and 2nd Verse, Oblivion with 3rd Verse
ready for the next person
Me 1st and on hook ..E.Z.. 2nd and Oblivion 3rd HOT TRACK
Me and MCD with another one Me 1st and singing on hook...MCD 2nd and on hook with adlibs
the One Icon Boys do it again Kry-siz on beat, Covert 1st, Oblivion 2nd,MCD 3rd and hook
Me and Oblivion on a track for once me first Ob secound
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