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Electronic Stotfold, United Kingdom
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Knowing something is wrong but fearing to confirm it
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As the title suggests ain't a pretty love song. If I had to sum it up in a phrase 'misuse of life'
Entry for the EFL comp
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After experimenting with music s/w progs this was my 1st success story in terms of a number of people saying it had that something extra..
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A slight head mess trance style song with spoken word (Me)
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This is a Comp enrty, which has been provided by Youth
Peak in sub-genre #74
This is about an event which has touched a lot of lives and haunts me..
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This is .... er .. Hard to find a description for?? Its a poppy/electronica thing and to me it sounds bloody wonderful
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The song is for a comp .. I whipped the Yamaha Keyboard out for this and threw some stuff together and adde some interesting vocal stuff
A bouncy upbeat song with slightly sad lyrics
The drum line holds the theme .. The words speak for themeselves
The song wriggles along like a funky slippery eel :)
Dirty Funk ,,, Large sized.. With Sylvester type vocals
A bit of choppy funk .. And it's all my own work , vox and all .. :)
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