Locust Sympathizer
Electronic Rochester, NY  USA
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Noise-industrial, composed with washtub bass, effects pedals, and drums. Additional elements include banjo, field recordings, and vocals. Harsh and minimal, a
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Peak in sub-genre #9
Extremely minimal, lo-fi set recorded to minidisc at the Infringement Festival Preview in Buffalo, NY, 7/12/2006. Only two pedals and a little amp.
Peak in sub-genre #13
Boom bap.
First Taste of Blood and the Fish Gather
Peak in sub-genre #26
If an early 16 Horsepower performed with Masonna, this might result. A little Caroliner influence as well.
On the Audiobot CD 'Habakkuk.' Note -- not easy listening, but nonetheless in an ambient vein.
Peak in sub-genre #12
Early harsh noise assault from LS, metal and banjo without the drums.
Somewhat rhythmic track, raw as hell.
Jumping on the PE-meets-Black Metal bandwagon.
Peak in sub-genre #10
Track 6: washtub and banjo.
Track 5: washtub solo.
track 3: washtub, drum synths, vocals by Grandfather Azoikus
Peak in sub-genre #83
Mess of slow, droning power electronics. A calm breeze in the Locust Symp universe.
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