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I am an independent writer/performer/producer making summery sounds with lots of harmony, guitars, and emotion.
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#79 (Sub-genre) 15 16
I was in a rut and Tony Hearn suggested a 3-chord rock'n'roll track - this is the result. Come on in, the water's fine!
Peak position #7 10 15
This song is a confession of weakness and a musical journey from Pet Sounds to God's ears.
Peak position #74 13 19
Melodic 70s pop styled track.
Peak position #13 9 8
This is my version of Tony Hearn's instant surf rock classic. Hot rod harmonies and big surf beat = lots of summer fun! (highest chart position: # 2 in subgenre Pop Rock).
Peak position #74 3 4
My turn to be the Walrus. Gook gooka joob! Psychedelic '72 period Lennonism. Reached #3 on the Alternative Brit Pop chart (1,942 entries).
#87 (Sub-genre) 5 8
When your dreams break your heart, you can cry on my shoulder. Faithful love will never fail you... This track has been played over 12,000 times on Thanks to all who shared this listening experience!
Peak position #3 10 11
A hat tip to The Beatles' Second Album - and a fresh new sound for those too young to remember that great experience. Highest position in Pop was #3; Highest position in subgenre Pop Rock was #2.
Peak position #6 5 7
A popping little rocker with a wink and a nod to the Fab Four... (highest position reached was # 1). Total songs: 2,052
Peak position #9 13
Just a demo with John, Paul, George and Ringo in was raining this morning. I know its derivative but I grew up with the Fabs...;) Highest charts position in subgenre: # 2 (1,801 songs currently listed in Alternative > Brit Pop)
Peak position #15 6 9
Rocking 4-part harmony
Peak position #1 4 8
As life gets complicated, the answer is childlike faith...
Peak position #14 4 5
Remake of my 2004 song... a biography that all young (and not-so-young) aspiring artists can relate to! Revved up harmonies, reverb guitars and a big beat. (highest position was 1). Total songs in genre: 1,293
1 5
Wordless yearnings for the vestiges of summer's promise
Peak position #47
Lively Jazz pop set to Bossa Nova beat with a great surfside feel. Lush harmonies, strong vocal, lyrical guitar solo with an unforgettable sense of the smells, sounds and emotions of being at the Beach with your lover.
Peak position #70 2
This song is from my heart - the way I make music is from a heart full of love. Hopefully my that shines through the music for you... Highest charts position in subgenre: # 1 ( 1,365 songs currently listed in Pop AAA)
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