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Kristian Pedersen
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Peak in sub-genre #6
Depressing 8-bit music :P
Peak in sub-genre #69
Exotic rhythms and eerie sounding instrumentation. Sort of.
Peak in sub-genre #13
Original idea by leisuremuffin:
Peak in sub-genre #13
Peak in sub-genre #43
Smooth jazz and rock'n'roll fusion which incorperates elements of late 30s nu-fusion meepy-floop, adding a light touch of latino electro techno march band music. I'm super serial!
Peak in sub-genre #28
220 bpm, rock 'n roll + sci-fi sort of
Peak in sub-genre #18
Old-school 8-bit stuff ;D
Peak in sub-genre #49
All the sounds are made using different edits of one fart sample.
Peak in sub-genre #36
Peak in sub-genre #95
It's all like 'æin te kaug' and then all like 'boom-psch-zigga-dung-unh'
Peak in sub-genre #25
Full title: In Flames - Dialogue With The Stars (Kristian Pedersen Atari Remix). Just a fun little tune. No MIDI files, everything is done by ear.
Peak in sub-genre #25
Melody composed by Øystein Stensheim. Produced by Kristian Pedersen. Oh yeah baby lizzm.
Peak in sub-genre #72
I was ill and bored
Peak in sub-genre #30
The original idea was to create a techno/trance track using the intro which you can hear now. It just turned out to become an entire project based on classical/chillout elements.
Peak in sub-genre #53
I recorded Morten's vocals and made a song out of it. A very short and dodgy quality one though.
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Deep Transit
Rob Mitchell - A Brilliant Skyline MIX 3
Electronic - House
This track is a extended dance mix ''A brilliant skyline across major cities" from the Original radio edit. From the album A brilliant skyline across major cities.This track is more of a Tech House groove.
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